Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Guest Vlog for Love Month

Hello! We're looking for guest vloggers to appear on the Bookish Brits channel during our annual Love Month celebration this year. Each February, we have a tradition of making videos talking about the bookish things we love best, and this year, we'd love YOU to take part too!

Why should I guest vlog on Bookish Brits?

You'll get to introduce yourselves to our audience of subscribers, Twitter followers, and bookish friends - and it's lots of fun, we promise!

What would I have to do?

Film and edit a short video talking about something bookish that you love, and send it to us via Dropbox or WeTransfer or a similar service. If you've never filmed a video before, don't be afraid! You don't need a fancy camera, you can film on your smartphone or iPad, like some of the Bookish Brits do!

When do I have to do it by?

Love Month videos will start going up on February 1st and will continue to be posted throughout the month, so please send us your video file as soon as possible. The last date we can accept a video is Tuesday 23 February.

I'd love to take part, but I don't have any ideas.

That's perfectly fine! Here are some suggestions. You can tell the world why you love...

Your favourite book
Your favourite genre of books
Your favourite bookshop
Your favourite author
Your favourite series
Your favourite character
Your Hogwarts house
Collecting bookish figurines or jewellery or bookmarks
Reading in the morning, or on the way to work, or before bed
Reading itself!

If you're an author you could tell us why you love writing about the topic of your book(s), or a particular kind of character, or any of the above things!

If you have a totally different idea, that's fine too!

If you need more inspiration, check out our previous Love Month videos:

I would love to guest on Bookish Brits but I'm not really interested in this theme.

That's okay too! We'd still love to have you at a future date - let us know what you'd like to do!

Okay, I think I've decided what I want to talk about in my video.

Great! Just fill in the below form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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